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The Human Tribe
By Miktlan Ehekateotl Kuauhtlinxan
Mexihko Tenoxtitlan  2010 0428

The concept of Human Tribe; is accepting know you are a Human Being.
No longer in the promotion of Tolerance
This it’s the practice of the Acceptance.
It is the endless pursuit of the practice and development of our capabilities like Human Beings, like a people constantly in evolution. Able to integrate with other beings of our own species, by a Superior Common Good, which is the Community which is integrated in the whole we surrounds all of our assets and Environment, person, animal, vegetable, mineral, etheric, magnetic, finally in all its aspects Our Environment.
The Human Tribe, is seeking our acceptance as human beings, capable of develop, share, give and receive, the best we have of each us the benefit of us all.
This is our added value over precious, the Common Good, being responsible for the consequences of our actions to our Environment-Community
The knowing that we be inclusive through acceptance, not tolerance, search our similarities and not reject our differences, seek agreement before the confrontation, through the practice of trust, based on honesty, respect exerting on the development of a Superior Common Good it unifies us.
That is why our slogan is:
"All together we are one"
We know, this model is not new, has be tried many times on Human experience, but we're taking up one in particular,  in essentially, it has not been lost, it is still practiced by Native Peoples of this continent.
In ancient times, in Mexico, a social movement, now commonly called Toltec, this originally named Toltekayohtl, which can be translate from the Nahuatl language as:
TO = Our
Ol = Ollin = Movement
Teka = Person, People
Yohtl = Yohlotl = Heart, Central or Peculiarity.
With this ensemble mean:
Our Humanity Movement.
The basic principle is that each person can accepted as a human being. shall make the maximum effort every time to achieve his maximum expression, as Human being can give to each of his acts, trying to be better than the last time. to manage the development of our species in all his expresions: physical,  Mental, Emotional, and quantum. For ensure that the Human Spirit is a participant in his own evolution.
So we're not inventing anything, just we are promoting an ancient practice that has not been lost.
Toltec - Tolteka:
People of Our Movement
Our Humanity Movement
We invite you to Reunion, to all traditions of Peoples hailing from the world, carrying Ancestral Wisdom, we are gathering together to share what each one considers as that best contribution, allowing the humanity change to development.
No matter what your color, nationality, political or religious preferences, everyone can participate, and your eyes will witness the most radical change humanity has never seen.
The HUMAN TRIBE Movement was proposed by Miktlan Ehekateotl Kuauhtlinxan, at dawn of September 12, 2009, in Sierra de Carapé, Uruguay, during the "Shamans Gathering 9 9 9" to all who was present there:
we all declare ourselves to be united for the Common Good.
"I am peace, love, freedom and unity, to you, your family and for humanity”
The HUMAN TRIBE was founded on that day by all we were present.


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